Ways to Give to Illinois state University

The Illinois State University Foundation receives, holds, and administers all gifts to the University. If you would like to make a contribution to Illinois State University, please select one of the options below:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gladly We Give?

The Gladly We Give faculty, staff, and retiree annual giving program is a way for current and retired employees to invest in the University, thereby investing in our own futures, our students’ futures, and the future of the community. Gladly We Give is designed to encourage more faculty, staff, and retirees to support the University each year and to recognize and thank all current and retired employees for their annual gifts to Illinois State University.

I already work here, so why should I give?

As members of the University community, we can all see first-hand how expensive it has become to obtain a post-secondary education. Faculty and staff giving can go a long way to provide support for our students and programs. Your gift also shows the strong personal investment that faculty, staff, and retirees have made in the University when we ask for corporate, foundation, and legislative support.

The reasons for making a gift through Gladly We Give are very personal to each donor, and Illinois State University offers an array of funding opportunities to meet the personal goals of our donors. Perhaps working with students through the years makes you want to help provide scholarships or fellowship opportunities. Maybe your academic department needs private funding for programs and activities that you feel are important to support. Or a specific area of research might be meaningful for you and your family. Regardless of your designation, you can be assured that your gift will have a meaningful impact on Illinois State students.

I gave last year, so why do I need to give this year?

Thank you for your gift last year, we appreciate your support. The goal of Gladly We Give is to increase participation of faculty, staff, and retirees by their continuous gifts each year.

When is my gift due?

Any contribution given in the current fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) will count toward our goal of increasing the number of faculty, staff, and retiree donors.

What if my spouse/domestic partner works for a matching gift company?

For many donors, knowing that their gift can be multiplied by matching gifts is a powerful incentive to give to the campus annually. Your spouse/domestic partner will need to check his/her company’s matching gift policies to determine what gifts are matched as well as how the gift should be given. Payroll deduct contributions cannot be matched.

May I designate my gift to any area on campus?

Yes, your contribution can be designated to a variety of areas including scholarships, colleges, departments, and programs just to name a few. Your gift directly benefits the area you choose. Simply note your preference on the gift form or when making a gift online.

How much should I give back?

Participation is our goal. What is important is that you choose to give, not necessarily the amount. When everyone gives a little bit, we all gain a lot. An annual gift of at least $10 or a payroll deduction contribution of $2.50 per pay period is all that is required to be included in our goal.

I already give to The WEISBECKER SCHOLARSHIP or WGLT, so why should I give more?

Your support to any area of Illinois State University, including these areas, is very important. Thanks for your involvement! Your gift will be counted as part of our goal.

How can I check my current pledges?

Redbird Connections is a secure site with your personal and gift information. Your Illinois State UID number is all that is required for you to register with this site and access your information.

I am also a graduate of Illinois State and supported my passion through the Telefund. Do I need to also give to the Gladly We Give Faculty/Staff/Retiree Annual Giving program?

No, the Gladly We Give faculty, staff, and retiree initiative and the Alumni Telefund are just two separate ways to support our University through gifts to the ISU Foundation. You count as both an employee and alumnus donor, regardless of how/when you give.

What is the difference between SECA and the Gladly We Give Annual Fund?

SECA is the State Employee Combined Appeal and is an opportunity each fall for all state employees, including those at all Illinois public universities, to support local, state, and national charities such as the United Way. Your gifts to these funds support many important causes that are unrelated to Illinois State University.

May my spouse and I make a joint gift?

Yes, designate that it is a joint gift on the gift form.

What if I want my gift to be anonymous?

Simply check the appropriate place on the Gladly We Give gift form. Your name will not be included on our donor lists.

How long do I have to complete payment on my pledge?

We are asking for a commitment for just one year. Each year we will ask for your annual gift. If you elect to use payroll deduct for your gift, your pledge can be established for a specific amount or to continue until you request it to be stopped.

What are the payment options?

Choose the most convenient method.

  • Online using a credit card for a one-time gift.
  • Payroll Deduct Contribution—Complete the Gladly We Give gift form and check the box for payroll deduction. (Minimum $2.50 per pay period).
  • One-time Gift by check—Complete the Gladly We Give gift form, include a check for your one-time gift and drop it in campus mail to Campus Box 8000.
  • For more information on other ways to give contact Annual Giving or by phone at (309) 438-2592.

I currently participate in payroll deduct and wish to make a change to my account. What do I need to do?

If you would like to change the designation of your gift, you may contact Annual Giving at (309) 438-5725. If you would like to change the amount of your gift, please designate changes on the gift form.

What is our goal?

The goal of Gladly We Give is to increase the number of faculty, staff, and retirees who give each year to Illinois State University to support their passion on campus.

What if I have other questions?

Contact Annual Giving

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