It’s a Tradition

It’s a Tradition

Last year, the senior class gave over $10,000 supporting the areas on campus of their choice.

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For bragging rights

Bragging rights

Greater financial support enhances programs, which leads to national recognition, increasing the value of your degree.

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The state isn’t

State funding is down

The state provides less than 19% of the University’s operating budget.

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Tuition doesn’t cut it

Tuition Alone
Doesn't Cut It

Tuition only keeps the doors open until January 17.

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Someone did it for you

Someone did
it for you

Each year more than 10,000 alumni, including graduating seniors, give back to enhance the student experiece.

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It matters

Every Gift Matters

Gifts of all sizes add up to make a big difference. Last year private gifts topped $14 million.

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It's a tradition

Each year, seniors participate in Senior Campaign to leave their legacy at Illinois State by making gifts to the areas of campus that they love most. The 2014 seniors are giving $20.14 to celebrate their graduation and becoming Illinois State's newest alumni. Check out why Illinois State University's Improv Mafia supports Senior Campaign. Then make a gift to the area of campus that means the most to you.

A special thanks to Improv Mafia. For more information about Improv Mafia, visit their Facebook page.

Thank You

The following students have participated in Senior Campaign.

  • Nancy Adams
  • Rachel Aiello
  • Sammi Angelakos
  • Klaudia Areola
  • Lacey Armstead
  • Olivia Arratia-Bedolla
  • Jordan Austin
  • Morgan Bartlett
  • Eileen Batistich
  • Kaylene Becker
  • Molly Beil
  • David Bell
  • Marissa Bell
  • Jon Bernas
  • Katie Beyer
  • Amanda Bignell
  • Jessica Bockman
  • Anthony Boddy
  • Samuel Boes
  • Jenna Bossle
  • Rachel Bostick
  • Brittany Bouris
  • Shane Boyd
  • Danielle Bozek
  • Matthew Braski
  • Abby Brennan
  • Grace Brown
  • Allyssa Brown
  • Emily Bruehl
  • Amelia Bunton
  • Maddie Burke
  • Jeffrey Byrnes
  • Bradley Cardella
  • Samantha Carlin
  • Erin Carmichael
  • Stephen Cass
  • Laurel Chaffin
  • Chairez Chairez
  • Venkata Sravanthi Chimakurti
  • Blake Cline
  • Bri Coleman
  • Stephanie Colletti

View the entire list of seniors who have made a gift to the Senior Campaign.


You may not realize it, but every gift makes a difference on campus. Annual support from students, alumni and friends allows Illinois State to continue to be recognized as a leader in higher education. The stories below share how students benefit from your support.

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