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Supporting Excellence at Illinois State University

The Illinois State University Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that manages the private gifts that are given to the University each year. These dollars support many student scholarships, professorships, research, and other opportunities for students of Illinois State. Not only does the Foundation manage the portfolio investments of the University’s endowment, but it also is in charge of distributing dollars to fulfill the wishes of our loyal alumni and friends who support the University. The Foundation ensures that money given to Illinois State is used as the donor intended and is consistent with the mission of the University.

Mission Statement: "To elevate Illinois State University through the power of philanthropy."

Vision Statement: "To allow Illinois State University to dream big and to achieve those dreams."

Gifts of money, property, historic papers, art, or other items of educational, artistic, or historic value, are entrusted to the Foundation to ensure a brighter future for students and faculty. Whatever your passion, the board of the Illinois State University Foundation works to ensure that your gifts support those passions for future generations of Illinois State students.

Board of Directors


  • Portrait of Eric Burwell

    Eric Burwell '90, Chair
    Principal, Burwell Management Company

  • Portrait of Mary Ann Webb

    Mary Ann Webb '78, Vice Chair
    Retired Partner, Sulaski & Webb, CPA

  • Portrait of James Knecht

    James Knecht '68, Secretary
    Judge, 4th District Appellate Court

  • Portrait of William England

    William England '77, Treasurer
    Retired Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Board Members

  • Portrait of Greg Ayers

    Greg Ayers '90


  • Portrait of Ann Baughan

    Ann Baughan '83
    Retired VP of Operations, State Farm Insurance

  • DB

    David Brown
    Partner, Hansen, McClintock and Riley Attorneys

  • SB

    Shari Buckellew MBA '01
    Executive Director of Business Operations, St. John's Lutheran Church


  • SD

    Steven Denault '87
    Executive Vice President, COUNTRY Financial

  • ZF

    Zack Fortsch '83
    Retired Partner, RSM


  • GG

    Gary Gemberling '63
    CPA, Gemberling and Associates


  • jgg

    joyce gillie gossom '78
    The Princess, Best Gurl, Inc.


  • BH

    Benjamin Hart '95
    Executive VP of Administration, Heritage Enterprises

  • MJ


    Michael Jones '92
    Retired Vice President, State Farm


  • CK

    Colleen Kannaday
    President, Carle BroMenn Medical Center and Carle Eureka Hospital

  • DK

    Dan Kelley '70
    Retired President, GROWMARK

  • JL

    Joseph Loss '73
    Managing Partner, Loss & Pavone Attorneys

  • EM

    Ed Manley '79, M.S. '83
    Retired Consultant & Senior Curriculum Manager, Microsoft Corporation

  • JN

    Jack North
    Retired Senior Executive VP, State Farm

  • TR

    Thomas Reedy '81
    Senior Managing Partner, Dillon Kane Group

  • JR

    John Rigas '81
    Retired Co-Founder, Microsystems


  • TR

    Trish Roark '85
    Retired Operations Vice President, State Farm


  • RR

    Robert Rush '68, M.S. '79
    Retired Executive VP, COUNTRY Trust Bank


  • CS

    Carl Sneed '72, M.S. '73
    Retired VP/Chief Lending Officer, State Farm Bank

  • RT

    Ron Thein '89
    Vice President - Financial Operations, State Farm


  • DV

    Derek Vogler '93, MBA '95
    VP of Investment, COUNTRY Trust Bank



  • LW

    Larry Williams '77, M.S. '79
    Agent, State Farm Insurance





Ex-Officio Members

  • Portrait of Aondover Tarhule

    Aondover Tarhule
    Illinois State University


  • Portrait of Darren Tillis

    Darren Tillis
    Board of Trustees Representative, Illinois State University


  • PV

    Pat Vickerman
    VP for University Advancement, Illinois State University

  • AY

    Ani Yazedjian
    VP for Academic Affairs and Provost, Illinois State University


Emeritus Members

  • Portrait of Thomas Jacob

    Thomas Jacob
    Attorney, Thomas Jacob & Associates

Honorary Members

  • Portrait of P. Douglas Collins

    P. Douglas Collins '81

  • Portrait of Ambassador Donald McHenry

    Ambassador Donald McHenry '57




University Representatives

  • Portrait of Heidi Verticchio

    Heidi Verticchio '94, M.S. '96
    Administrative/Professional Council

  • Portrait of Aslihan Spaulding

    Aslihan Spaulding, Ph.D.
    Faculty Representative

  • Leah Walton

    Leah Walton '92
    Alumni Association Board


  • Evelyn Whitfield

    Evelyn Whitfield
    Civil Service Council